Welcome! Pangea is an interactive experience and we highly recommend that if you have any questions you send them to pangeasourcebook@gmail.com

Pangea is a student/competitor run, organization. We publish the Pangea sourcebook which is a tool that many are proud to use in some of the toughest debates. From online tournaments to webinars with international expert speakers, we are more than just a publication company, we are an interconnected network of America’s passionate debaters. Pangea is proud to be the central hub for competitors of STOANCFCA, and NSDA.

Pangea offers a home for both novices looking for experience and a debate “training gym” for those looking to become national champions. In both Team Policy and Lincoln Douglas debate, Pangea firmly believes that everyone has something to offer in discussion and that the best way to grow is with preparation.

Weekly Briefs

Every week Pangea’s research club composes briefs for the “hot topics” of the season with unique national input.

Training/Strategy Videos

Our weekly meetings and strategy sessions are recorded and available for those participating in Pangea!

Affordable Quality

Pangea sells the most affordable triple league sourcebook that is available in the market. We pride ourselves on the quality of our research and make sure it is ready from purchase to the 2AR.

Wisdom comes from all over

Multi-League STOA, NCFCA, NSDA

To succeed, one must perceive

Competition Ready Dominate the Debate

Together we can achieve more

National Synergy Unity across the states

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